I’ve never really done casual very well. My Dad always said it’s better to be overdressed than under dressed. I think somewhere in my brain this took hold and ear wormed me. I just don’t like to look sloppy. I don’t like being under dressed. It often happens but it makes me sad. You know how it goes. So when it comes to casual wear, I usually end up in a skirt or dress. Sometimes leggings. That’s a little bit weird, right? Most people wear jeans or shorts don’t they?

The outfit from today says a lot about me dressed casually. Messy bun, well that’s essential. Flats or flip flops, also a must. Cardigan and t-shirt. Yup. Tick and tick. You know what this top would work perfectly with? The whole mint jeans thing… There’s some mint green in the print and I just think it would be FAB. You know me and the whole matchy, matchy thing. This blue skirt works better with the orange cardigan then the t-shirt, but the orange in the tee ties them together I think.

Not that it REALLY matters, its casual wear after all. Right?

Now let’s talk about this custom plus shirt. The Make Coffee Not War shirt is cute as heck. Like CUTE CUTE. Don’t you think? Have you ever looked around for a custom printed t-shirt as a plus size lady? It’s tricky. Cute custom tee’s are hard to find. Not so much any more. Thanks Custom Plus. Heck, I might even have to retire my ironed on transfer. The fabric is lovely. Hubby says he can see through it a bit. But it doesn’t feel flimsy, if that makes sense.

Tee – Custom Plus {gifted}

Cardigan – Mix Apparel {gifted}

Skirt – Virtu

Loafers – Emerson for BigW

{some items gifted for editorial consideration as per my disclosure policy}