Well would you look at this! Friday already. Thank goodness. The hot topic this week has been how to take your office clothes out on the town. And by hot topic I meant I was guest posting over at Styling You on just this subject. So when I wore this outfit to work with some casual flats and tucked into the skirt for a back office day, I knew I could do a change it up post all of my own.

Always thinking I am. Always thinking.

So come close of business I pulled on some necklaces, swapped my more conservative belt for this pleather sash and some killer heels. Now in my post I recommend not doing a shoe swap if you can avoid it. But on this occasion, it was essential. Though impractical as these pointy, pointy heels almost caused me to face plant on my way into The Empire Hotel where we were having dinner. Classy.

But worth it. Sort of.

The pop of animal print just added so much fun to the outfit especially when teamed with the belt that I couldn’t resist. And just quietly, I can be clumsy in any height heel, I often trip over in thongs. so meh. Trust a woman obsessed with heels to be clumsy. It’s like Murphy’s Law or something. Anyway, enough of that, check out how beautiful and perfect this afternoon was!  

Top – Wonderlust at The Iconic {On sale NOW! Limited stock}
Midi Pencil Skirt – ASOS Curve
Belt – From another tunic
Shoes – Emerson for BigW
Necklaces – Various – Lovisa

And for more on going from office day to night time play pop over to my guest post at Styling You. 


THREE styling boards. Seriously. Go there! What ARE you waiting for. Haha.


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