This blog started on the 29th October 2009.

It started with a post about nothing.

It was started by a girl who wanted to share all the beautiful things in life.

A girl who loved quotes, advertising images and the beach.

It started to become a place to tell her stories.

A place to share the ups and downs of life, always with one eye firmly on the positive.

It was to be a place to question the norm. Somewhere I could use my voice.

A record of the advice I’d been given, the choices I’ve made and the people who have impacted me.

For better or for worse.

That girl she ended up sharing a lot here. About life and loss, marriage and confidence.

Guts on the page, someone once called it.

It became a source of so much more than that girl ever expected.

A place to inspire herself, to grow and change. A space to learn who she really was.

Now that I think about it now that much has changed after all this time.

Thank goodness.

I want to thank you all for your participation, for your love, your support and for the good times and the bad. I’ve put together a survey. A little something to help me touch base with you all. SO! Please take my survey here. I’m not offering any incentive other than helping me to direct this blog forward in to the coming year. If that matters to you, if you want to provide feedback or comment please take the survey. If not, then that’s okay too.

Happy blog-birthday {almost} to me! I’d give you guys a pink starburst if you asked.  

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