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After my post about my intentions to wear nothing but grey, white and black this winter a stylish woman I work with comment that she could get on board with most things, but she would not be wearing white in winter. It’s about the expectation of Spring, she said. White is for the warmer months when your skin glows and the colour can really do its thing. Unless it’s off white or cream, then maybe.

We left it there until today. Today she calls out to me that she may surprise us all and wear some white jeans this winter. I nodded to myself grinning. White, it’ll get you, I called out to her in a singsong told you so voice. White jeans and the crispness of them are timeless. If only we could find the right pair. We talked about fit and cut, style and styling.

What’s next I said, shoes that don’t match tights {another bugbear of hers}, too old for this or that, pattern clashing, colour mixing… It’ll be fashion without rules. And without rules, without the structure there will be anarchy. Fashion anarchy! People getting around wearing what they want when they want. Short people, tall people, thick and thin people. All people. Hold onto your hats.

Fashion anarchy. Lord of the Flies style.

I nodded, smiled and said, I can’t wait.

Fashion anarchy got me to thinking about just what I would do if literally ALL the rules went out the window. Is there anything that I’d love to wear and don’t? Maybe. There isn’t too much that I won’t wear if it takes my fancy. I’d probably dress more casually for work. Go a little nuts with colour and maybe even wear my denim jacket every now and then. That’s the problem with corporate type work, you have to look a certain way. But if there were no rules, well that would be different.

What would fashion anarchy look like for you?

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