Early last week I received an email asking if I could fill in for someone who could no longer attend the ECCO shoes World’s Longest Catwalk event. Sure, I said. No problem. They were willing to fly me down and back, give me shoes and lunch. What’s not to love, right? I even managed to squeeze in a visit with one of my favourites. I pictured a whole bunch of people loitering along the harbour. No big deal, walk in the park type stuff…

It turns out it was kind of a big deal.

My fellow models and I gathered in tents, set at Darling Harbour. It was sunny and gorgeous and windy as heck. I saw the set up and I got nervous. We changed into our outfits and shoes and I got even more nervous. My tee was SO tight, I spent the next 30 minutes trying to stretch it out while sucking in. And then we got briefed. Oh. Dear. Lord. It turns out we would walk out, one by one and be introduced, before making the 2.8km walk with about a 30 foot distance between us. It was a solo run. A high-profile event with video camera’s and still photographers flashing their camera’s the whole way. We were to stroll. A nice leisurely stroll.

When we got out there, we DID NOT STROLL. It was a nice, almost 3km power walk. All I could think the whole way was thank goodness I’ve been in training {to some degree} since January. Even then the hills had me huffing and puffing as I continued to try and suck in in my tee. HA. But really, it was gorgeous. The day was sunny and bright. Lots of sunshine on the water and cool breezes {now not freezing us, but refreshing us}. Sydney, you people really do have a gorgeous city. I found myself playing tourist, having a chat with people and generally falling behind my spot in the line.

And pretty soon it was finished and we were on stage clapping and smiling and generally posing. It was all a little surreal actually. And lots and lots of fun. The media company then took the blogger’s for the BEST lunch. And of course, as was the theme of the day, we walked there. Ha. Let me tell you, I was pretty darn happy to see a cab at the end of the day. And even happier to see Hubby when I made it home. I was exhausted. Well fed. A little flushed from the sunshine. And smiling from ear to ear. A big thank you to my travel buddy Kelly for making it that extra bit special. Even if I did almost loose her between the event and lunch.

{photos watermarked are by Danimezza – thanks hun. Others by me via Instagram}

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