Ahhhh this floral blazer has attracted a lot of attention since before I bought it. From the Facebook page to my Instagram account, every time I wear it, people ask where it’s from. Some have even shown up in-store with my photo asking for it. That’s cool. Sort of exciting for a blogger like me. Knowing that plus-size woman are widening their shopping nets because of something they’ve seen here. I’m proud of that.

Then it occurred to me that I have never featured it on the actual blog! Weird since I wear it all the time. Thrown on over just about anything. Maxi dresses, pencil skirts, jeans. From lazy weekend styles to a cute office look. There really is nothing as versatile as a blazer and this one with its cute pattern and 3/4 sleeves is perfect for around here. It adds layers without too much warmth.

I love it with jeans though, don’t you? I keep coming back to the word cute. There’s something about floral prints and the word cute that are synonymous in my head. So of course when Hubby and I drove past this car park with cascading pink flowers in the background I demanded that he pull over so we could grab these photos. Finally, the floral blazer makes the blog. And in style too, I think. I love these pics.

3/4 Length Blazer – Autograph Fashion
Top – BigW
Jeans – ASOS Curve {2012}
Shoes – Target {gifted}


Any other outfit suggestions for me? How would you style this blazer?   

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