How are you feeling today?

No, I’m asking.

Take a moment before you answer.


Are you feeling moderately confident or not at all? Wondering why you clicked over here when you feel like you could never, ever have more confidence than you have now? Or maybe you were here and didn’t realise this was happening!? Well, surprise! go with it, okay? Do you have other things on your mind that make you sad, angry or deliriously happy? Whatever it is, be with that for a minute. Good, bad, the ugly. It’s ok to feel however you feel. It’s all ok. It is just what it is. I said so. Some intelligent, learned people said so too. So trust me on that one.

The first time someone told me it was ok to feel like I was, ok to be where I was, ok to have what I have, I burst into tears. I sat there and sobbed my little heart out. I thought, oh my goodness, it is. If a friend told me that they were struggling with something, felt they were going nowhere or were unworthy, I would tell them it would pass. I would hug them, smother them in kind words and ask them to keep going.

And yet, I would never have thought to do the same for myself.

No, it was all put-downs, harsh words and ultimatums for me. It was doing it or else. It was crime and punishment, success or failure. Being ok with how you feel is the first step to being confident. Being kind to yourself is essential. And it’s a practice. A habit you form, which is why it’s the first cab off the rank. This one may take you to the end of this series and beyond to nail down. So don’t get frustrated with yourself. Hang tough, like the eighties cat poster cat.

Today’s challenge is easy peasy. We’re breaking you in quickly. Find a place somewhere you see every day and post a reminder to be kind to yourself. It can be a sign, a collage; you might even want to write on your mirror in whiteboard pen {it works, it’s fantastic, my favourite thing}. You can pinch the post image if you want to; I’m happy to share. Just do something. Because today you are changing how you talk to yourself.


Daily challenge – Be kind to yourself.


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