Oh yeah spring, you remember that season right!? Well, we finally got a little bit of it here. Finally! Instead of scorching heat, we had some moderate temps so I took the opportunity and dragged out my heavier boyfriend jeans {off-limits over 25 degrees}. I’d been dying to wear their crisp dark denim goodness. It’s funny, these jeans got half a dozen outings during winter, right? Then they got shelved and I didn’t really think about them again. THEN it was too hot to wear them and all of a sudden I was like oh my goodness I WISH I could wear those jeans.

Grass. Always. Greener.

Also, I’m cleaning out my wardrobe at the moment. I’m hoping to have it be sparkly clean for a post later in the week {though if it doesn’t happen soon, the week after!}. A how-to keep an edited wardrobe post that at the moment is almost laughable given the state of mine. But anyways. During that adventure into my mountains of clothes, I found this shirt. Tag on. Never worn. Sitting crinkled and unloved in a pile of clothes to be ironed. I suck at ironing.

In fact, I STILL own Philips a post about a flash steam iron that I just haven’t gotten around to yet. SO I tossed it in the drier, warmed it up a little and hung those creases out just enough to make it wearable. You see it was important. The orange neon stitching perfectly matched my new hat. I couldn’t live without wearing that shirt. you know how it is…

SEE! Aren’t they match made in matchy-matchy heaven!!?

They totally are, you don’t even have to say. Add some cheapie canvas flats with laces removed and you’re easy like a Sunday morning but it’s the afternoon and you have a BBQ to attend. Did you see I even included a butt/back shot? How awesome is the whole button up at the back, peephole feature? I love that. It makes for such a unique look and you can almost be guaranteed no one else will be wearing something similar when you put together something like this. That’s a closet cleanout win if I’ve ever seen one.

While we are talking about wins, just an FYI these wider leg boyfriend jeans from ASOS were able to be rolled over FOUR times! Seriously. I just kept cuffing them and cuffing them until they wouldn’t cuff anymore. It gives this cute deckhand sort of look to the outfit perfectly complimented by the deck style shoes. Ahh spring, the actual version not the faux spring version we have been having around here, you are the best. Hang around, would you!?

Shirt – ASOS Curve {UK22 – last season- similar}
Boyfriend Jeans – ASOS Curve {UK24 – similar – slimmer leg?}

Hat – KMart {in store now}
Shoes – KMart {in store now, mens}


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