When we went to the markets on Sunday, it was the perfect opportunity to test out my new Autograph leggings. A bright blue {purple even} they can add that little something to any outfit. Especially when it comes to my wardrobe based so firmly in monochrome’ville. I was ridiculously excited to wear them. You can tell because this outfit was put together before 7am. Technically it’s almost leggings as pants. I missed it by an inch or two. Take that fashion rules.

As far as Winter goes, I wear a lot of my rest of the year wardrobe but with leggings or a jacket. Gympie gets about a month of really cold weather and two months of sort of crisp weather. There’s no need to invest in lots of winter specific clothing, so layers are what it is all about. With this outfit for example, by the time we got home from the markets, it was warm enough to ditch the top cardie.

Cardie, Target.

Sweater Dress, BigW

Leggings, Autograph

Sunnies, Jay Jays

Flats, BigW

Yes, the last photo is supposed to be funny. This is my best rock star/serious model pose. It might need work. But it does show off the leggings beautifully, don’t you think. Leggings were a gift of the brand. The rest was purchased by me. Please refer to my disclosure policy on the PR page for more information.

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