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Autograph is a long-term supporter of this blog and the primary filler of my wardrobe long before that. I stay in touch with the team at on a regular basis, updating them on my blog, people wearing their clothes and for a chat. It’s for the best since their web security system often bars my blog and they can’t see for themselves. Awkward! Haha. So while checking my Mum’s emails at work the other day, the email for Citrus Pop came through and I knew I’d found our next collaboration.

I mean, who doesn’t love patterned pants?

I wanted to talk about the upcoming change of season, how to work what you already own into the new year by adding a few key pieces {colours and styles} and how a few items can mix and match and create a number of workable looks. Citrus pop was perfect for this. All the elements of the collection are similar in colour and can be worked with black and white. Essential for me. In fact you might have already spotted me wearing my Citrus blazer to work with my black peplum dress and some sturdy wet weather shoes. But here are the two outfits used in the promotional material. I’ll talk more about them below.

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 008

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 007

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 011

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 009

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 012

See what I mean about patterned pants!? How much fun is THAT. Okay, so they won’t be for everybody, but they certainly are for me. I’m even considering having some elastic added around the cuff of the pants to cinch them in a little {hello harem pants}. They are shown here with a blue top from the collection and some simple black heels. An easy outfit that will take you most places. Love that. I added the heels for height but considered both ankle boots and point toe heels. Both would work, as would a casual ballet flat.

To extend the use of these two items, you could easily swap out the blue top for a simple tee or tank in any colour you own. The black and white pattern of the pants is remarkably versatile. Like the harem pants of previous posts, you really have to try them on to see if they are going to work for you. I was surprised, believe me, you might be too. Them keep them balanced with block colours and a statement necklace and you’re done.

Now the blue top. Consider that this blue top could be easily work with jeans or a pencil skirt {I’m thinking striped but that could just be me} and dressed up or down with a little bling. I’m wearing a size 18, so size up if you’d like a looser cut, which would work with this style or down if you prefer a more slim line look. As a little aside, even though this top has the almost bat wing style sleeves, the sides are fully enclosed meaning you won’t be flashing your bra about. Sorry to those looking forward to some bra flashing. Better luck next time.

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 001

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 005

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 002

Autograph Fashion Citrus Pop Plus Size 004

These blue pants and I were made for each other, just quietly. They fit like a glove and as soon as I put them on I was prancing about. I can see them getting a lot of wear from now until real winter starts and then next year. Tailored enough for the office, comfortable enough for the park. In this outfit combined with the patterned top and blazer, they add a great pop of colour. The blazer’s colour compliments them perfectly and the patterned top under just does its thing being cute. With the blazer and heels, this outfit could take you almost anywhere.

Now let’s talk about remixing these pieces separately to bulk out you change of season wardrobe. The patterned top is probably a size too small {I’m wearing an 18} but I plan to wear it most tucked into a pencil skirt with the blazer over top. Casually it would look great with a maxi skirt and some ankle boots.

The pants, well, I talked a little about them above but these could be worn with anything from a t-shirt to a crisp white shirt. Heels or flats. the only thing I probably don’t recommend is ankle boots as the combination of the two will cut your length in half, but hey, I’ve been proven wrong before. And you don’t need me to tell you how to style up a blazer, these things are THE BOSS. And a wardrobe must have.

So there you go. Sure, most of you aren’t going to be able to run out and buy ALL these items. Obviously. I know the last time I did something like that was when my Mum was paying. But hopefully we’ve talked them over enough to really give you a feel for how you can take that one piece {the patterned pants maybe? Gah, so fun.} and change your whole look for the coming season. You do that with one or two items over the next month or two and you’re set. No major damage to the budget at all. And if blue and green aren’t your thing, there are plenty of new looks in store and online at the moment.

Just a final teeny tiny little hint if you’re looking for a capsule style wardrobe of mix and match items and aren’t that confident doing it yourself. I use the shop by collection button on the brand’s website to narrow down my choices. You will find that within a brand’s collection often the pieces will have been created to mix and match and it makes it, errr, idiot proof.

Any questions?

Check out Citrus Pop on the Autograph Fashion website.

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