When I saw Joan River’s comment on Adele’s weight {post baby mind you, I thought every woman got a bit of a pass for a while after birth, apparently not} I shook my head. It reminded me actually of the first time I met my Hubby’s ageing grandfather. The dude kept making sink a boat jokes and commenting on my heftiness. His word, not mine. The worst part was that he was a bit senile at the time and kept making the same joke over and over again. At first I rolled my eyes. Even laughed a little saying that he most certainly should join me in that boat being quite hefty himself. Then it went on and on. Over and over and people started to get a little weird. I became the purple elephant in the room. He was the pink one. I’ve never wanted to punch someone more.

Until Joan Rivers. She did the same. Obviously not getting a ‘good’ enough reaction the first time she continued to puff up her face and spread her arms wide like good old Grandpa. Like, errr, we didn’t get the joke somehow. But we did. It was crap, that’s all. A cheap shot at a woman who is not only beautiful but insanely talented and grounded. Gah! PEOPLE. Thank goodness for Adam Hill and his recent views on fat jokes. He gave words {most of them a bit bitey, the other half a bit sweary} to what I was thinking. Words to what, I assert, a lot of people in that audience were thinking at the time. Nervous chuckles, gasps. Take a moment and watch the video. Then come back, I’ve got MORE to say….

I consider people like Joan and Grandpa ‘old school’. I don’t know whether times have changed or if they just got old and decided that they could say whatever they like. But the good news is more and more it’s an old way of thinking. There’s a change of the guard. A change towards health, towards ownership and towards being who you are. Sure it’s inching along at a glacial pace, but it’s happening. Adam Hill is proof of that. I’m proof of that. YOU are proof of that. Maybe these ‘old schoolers’ are just annoyed that they believe the bull shit for so long. Maybe it offends their ideas for a fat woman to be sexy, talented and beloved.

But even so, who cares!? It offends ME that you’re a jerk. It offends me that you still consider woman be ranked by her beauty. It offends me that you think a gay couple marrying has any impact on you. It offends me that a woman breastfeeding her child is open season for the know it all bossy boots in this world. It offends me that people cannot muster the compassion to just let people be. So out with you old schoolers {and it’s important to note old, does not mean old school}, we’ve had enough. Take a seat, mumble quietly to yourself about the good old days and how my generation are ruining the world. I’ve had enough.

You’re a dick.

So what say you, do you feel a changing of the guard? Even if there’s a way to go, it’s happening right?

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