You’d be forgiven if this is your first time here for thinking that perhaps Chambray is my name. Or even a beloved friend or pet. But no, the chambray I am referring to is none other than my New Look chambray shirt. I like to keep things simple. Stripe pencil skirt’s name is stripe pencil skirt. It keeps things orderly. Anyway, as riveting as I am sure this little side track is not, it’s time for us to move onto the outfit details and all that. So moving on…

This is something I’ve seen done online. Maxi skirt, knotted shirt, thrown on some accessories and call it going out fodder. Now mine was never really going to end up in a nice restaurant or fancy club. I’m much too small town for that. But it did make for comfy and cosy date night wear. I love the denim shirt look with just about anything and the pale blue of this one took me ages to find. It turns out, once again, that perseverance pays off.

The badges were added to be interesting and to divert your attention away from the fact this shirt is only a size 18 and thus, is pretty snug across my boobs. I’m not sure it achieved this aim but it was a big ask. Remember when I bought it and I said I’d hardly ever wear it done up anyway!? Well it turns out, I hardly ever wear it undone. I was so, so wrong. You might also noticed that I whipped out my booties for this one. A nice 25 degree afternoon, cool breeze and they worked a treat. However, I cannot WAIT until it’s autumn so I can wear my boots all the time again. Anyone else ever feel like that?

plus size chambray shirt with black maxi 003

plus size chambray shirt with black maxi 001

Oh yeah, before I go, I was thinking that Hubby and I have never, in our entire 10 years together, seen this much dating action. Seriously. Because of my aim to post three outfits a week on here it sees us making an occasion of almost everything. Going for $1 frozen cokes, get dressed up. Going to the movies, best put my face on. Hanging out in a park somewhere as the sun goes down, heck yes, best I whip out a maxi skirt. I kinda like it. Most of the time, I think Hubby does too. And what can I say, date night’s can only be a good thing for the whole baby making process, right?

plus size chambray shirt with black maxi 006

Do you ever try new looks you find online?

Skirt – KMart {standard range}
Shirt – New Look UK
Badges – Handmade by Hayley {gifted}
Booties – Autograph Fashion {2012}
Bangles – City Chic {swapped}

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