It can be pretty easy in this game to start to believe your own press. Clearly I am remarkably good looking ALL the time, never mind the make-up, the good lighting, photo editing and selection of 7’ish images from upwards of 50. I think there’s an upside and downside to that. Sure you become more accepting of your face and body. Anyone would when looking at themselves as often as us fashion types do. But there’s a difference between that and keeping it real.

Or all these compliments and kind words could go to a girl’s head.

So no, my face doesn’t always look like that. And yes my belly pokes out when I show off my guns. Derrr. And most of the time if you met me in person you’d note that I’m almost always pulling ridiculous faces. That’s me. Here’s me about as real as you’re going to get on a fashion’ish blog.

Here, just for you, is a range of faces and silly poses collected from the images that are taken when Hubby demands that I loosen up in front of the camera. Some are taken when I thought we were done or not started yet. The one of Hubby with my necklace on his head, well, he took that one himself. I told you, we’ve created a monster. Let’s roll.

Literally, this face translated is ‘Errr, can you smell that?’. Car parks are gross!

Ummmm, so it’s REALLY sunny.

It’s all about the accessories, right babe?

Did someone say GEEK!? Holler.

What part of I’m tightening up my belt needs to be photographed Hubby?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how cool I am.

Ooooo, hoodie ties. Fancy!

Grrrrr dancing!

So there you go ladies and gents, a little insight into the fun and games and silly face it takes to keep this blog up and running. Thank you all again for hanging out here with me, not making too much fun of me when I try to be all serious clothes horse and for keeping your sense of humour intact. I love you guys and I love what we’ve created around here. Thanks for visiting always, I’d have nothing with out yooooouuuuu…

Cue Whitney!


Ha. Over and out.

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