I first went to Dreamworld as a REALLY young child. We went often enough, it was a special holiday outing often enough. When we were talking about us going, my Mum reminded me of the time we went as kids, I was probably 9 or 10. I went on stage to assist with one fo the shows. Won an ice-cream voucher {Yay!} then got so excited heading over to collect that I slipped on a grate and opened my knee up. Eeek. I remember that. And the craziest part of that? I loved every minute of it. Well, virtually all of them.

I’m sure you saw the photos or tweets somewhere. A week or two ago we were invited to Dreamworld to check out the newly opened Dreamworks section. It had undergone a transformation and don’t you just love when things are shiny and new. But easily my favourite part was the area now includes some of my favourite animation characters. There was NO WAY I wasn’t going to this. So I set about organising some things with work and my cousin and my sister. We were SO going. This photo collage should show you a little bit about why!

That aside, let’s talk about what this is REALLY about. The Mad Jungle Jam ball shooting and cannon firing, two-story world of awesome. Now, my Dreamworld regular friends are shaking their head saying that’s been there for ever. Well, to that, I say, WHO CARES!? There is absolutely nothing old about shooting strangers with a soft squishy ball through an air canon. Simple as that.

We were hot sweaty messy by the time we made it to the show. Amanda Claire grabbed a popcorn, diet coke and snow cone {to share apparently, how generous Ac} and we settled in for the show. Afterwards we bolted back into the park with the plan of spending Blake’s Mum’s cash in the gift shop. Soon we were being herded, literally that’s not a joke, out of the part at closing time with some of my favourites. Zoe’s boys made a dash for it and we all got a few extra minutes while she chased them down. Score!

We had an amazing time. My sister often spends her holidays with a super park pass of some description. She is already planning a trip to Dreamworld on the upcoming local show weekend. I hear they want to hang out with Shrek a little more. Not that I can blame them. I think Hubby is a little jealous, he had to stay home and work. So maybe sometimes soon, we’ll go back. And I might get brave and try a roller-coaster. Maybe.

{Dreamworld covered my expenses to get to & from the event and provided us with the experience detailed above. Please see my disclosure policy for more information}

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