Well, well, well would you look at THAT. This week the Aussie Curves ladies are showing off their work style and if there’s one thing I do a fair bit, that’s put together work outfits. Bundles and bundles of them. Lots and lots. From dressy to casual and back again. Sometimes my office seems really strict and other times they compliment a hot pink jacket. It’s confusing. But the short version has become that as long as it looks respectable, it’s okay.

Last month Liv arrived home with a few little something somethings she picked up for me while she was in the states. I was pretty darn chuffed that she thought of my sitting at home crying into my pillow while they were loving Full Figured Fashion Week sick. She’s a pretty darn awesome chick that woman. And her Ben too, of course. But the point of this little love fest? WELL she picked me up this gorgeous Calvin Klein dress from Macy’s because it was a bargain and she knows I need work stuff for the more corporate days.

For me that’s auction and inspection days. Corporate corporate days. Scarf included but I just couldn’t bring myself to wear it for the post. It was all just a bit too flight attendant’ie. Have you ever had to wear a branded corporate scarf? They are the strangest thing. All slippery, shiny and pretty much always in dreadful colour combinations that look good on nobody. I wore one in my hair once and was asked to leave the auction floor to ‘sort that out’. HA. Rebel.

Anyway, in my opinion you just can’t go wrong with a simple shift dress for the office. Black, charcoal or grey it doesn’t matter, they’re all good. Simple accessories {how good are skinny belts!?}, low heels, a simple up-style with low key make-up. Hey presto, you’re out the door in a hurry and even the grumpiest of grumpy auctioneers can’t object to that. Trust me. I feel like I’ve met them all.

Dress – Calvin Klein {thanks Liv!}
Belt – ASOS {2012}
Bag – From my Mum {unknown}
Shoes – Torrid {2011}


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