The tribal week was marked as my week off. Not for me thanks. I don’t really wear the traditional colours associated with this trend, the oranges, the rust, the reds, the browns. They don’t really suit me at all. AT ALL. A few conversations with a few of the ladies yielded some new ideas. Turquoise, big hair, ponytails and plaits. I do big hair, easy peasy. So I got to Googling, as, it turns out, I do. And I found THE perfect look for me, something I can take with me into my everyday look. Have I mentioned that I am loving developing my style like this, challenging myself? Stepping outside the box?

Well, I am. It’s great!

The look, as you will see, is all black with tan accessories and some tribal-inspired bling. I was going to layer something over this look for the sole purpose of the photos. Still a little wary of being judged. But decided, to heck with it, if you can’t handle seeing my arms, that can lift weights like no one’s business and row 500m in under a minute forty-five, then that’s your issue, not mine. I’m looking forward to some freedom from layers actually. Winter is fun, layers and layers. I love it. But there’s something liberating about just stripping them all back and keeping it simple.

I took some time today doing my make-up. I’m reviewing the Benefit Cosmetics – How to Look The Best at Everything. It has tips and tricks on the application. Everything you need to create a simple day to day looks to a special occasion look. Which photography make-up, it turns out, is like that. I am continuously surprised by how much eye shadow, liner and mascara I have to wear for it to look remotely decent on film. No wonder it’s a whole subject at beauty school. Apparently. Anyway, I created this look by using the Benefit tips, then added loads of bronzer and metallic shadow etc. I had applied foundation over my lips as I wanted a nude lip and I didn’t have the shade I was after, later I applied a coat of my favourite gloss, Sugarbomb. Β I’m happy with the end result.

It was certainly a little dramatic for an impromptu drop-in dinner with my parents.

So there it is. I think if you wanted to replicate this look you could do it with a thing you already own. think feathers and beads and gemstones. A tassel or two and some basic neutrals. Well, that’s what works for me, anyway. If you’re a little more interested there are some great patterned items, tops, skirts, jackets and more. I am seriously considering tip my toe in further. But we’ll see. Maybe like peplum and neon, it will grow on me. Who knows? Until then, here’s me perched on a rock wall. Looking pretty darn happy about it, let me tell you. HA. You’re welcome!

Tank – ASOS Curve

Pants – Autograph

Shoes – eBay

Bag {again, don’t ask} & Jewels – My Sister

{some brand associations exist, see my disclosure policy}

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