HEY! Here we are, already in Week 6 of the Aussie Curves challenges. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? So it turns out that Hubby and I are making a bit of a thing of taking these photos. We might go out for food after, sometimes before, or we go for a drive and have a chat in the car. It’s nice. It makes up for the fact that he drives me batty when setting up the photos and getting what I need. But beggars, they can’t be choosers, right!

This week we were asked to sparkle. I expect there will be some fabulous, wonderful, bright and shiny outfits out there. I considered my options and was lucky enough to have inherited this jacket covered in sequins from Olivia at our last clothing trade. I’m going to put it aside to give back to her. No matter how much I love it, I’ll never wear it. She might as well sell it to a good homeβ€”a sparkly one. I hope. Maybe you want to buy it from her? Let me know.

Just quietly, this top is the next phase in my peplum addiction. I picked up this one in coral and black. I have big plans for these tops. The black one was bought small and will be making an appearance at the next race meet in town with my Virtu blue pencil skirt and some ridiculous heels. Adore. I’m lucky to have quite a stash of random skinny black belts that fit them perfectly, so basically, I’m doneβ€”no more shopping for me for a while. I’m changing sizes too fast, costing me a fortune. In jeans/pants especially! But at least my shape has stopped changing for now.

But speaking of changing, my hair is longer AGAIN. I guess that will happen when you never cut it. The size of the buns I can make on top of my head is ridiculous. It sounds absurd, a fabulous ludicrous, the whole point ridiculous. But mad, nonetheless. I love it. There’s nothing else I would instead do with my hair. Except maybe a rocking, blonde, pixie cut ah la Cate Blanchett. Maybe one day. After I get brave.

Again, I had this plan for photos that would be different from this. I’d planned to take the pictures at the local race course by the light of my car’s headlights. They give off this gorgeous white/blue light that I love. And I thought the light would hit the sequins on this jacket and make it shine.Β  It turns out there’s a swap meet in town, and while I don’t mind a bit of public prancing for the camera, that’s TOO public. Haha. But this, this bright and colourful wall was just as perfect, don’t you think. With my orange nails and coral top, it was almost MADE for this outfit. Expect to see more photos here. Hubby even said he’d bring his blower-vac to tidy up the ground next time. I love that man.



Peplum Top – ASOS Curve

Jacket – NOW {swapped}

Skirt – ASOS Curve

Shoes – Emerson for BigW

{no brand associations currently exist}


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