I’ve never really been interested in leather as far as clothing goes. Handbags, yes. Shoes, certainly. But skirts, pants and jackets, naaaah not really. I blame that episode of Friends when Ross wears leather pants and sweats up a storm in them, takes them off and can’t get them back on. It created a bit of a phobia for me. I’ve steered clear of leather pants, skirts even, just in case. I’m sure you understand.

I have however been looking for a decent black leather jacket but I can’t decide on a style yet {Bomber or more Blazer looking} so I keep looking. But no matter how cool leather is this season I just can’t do it. Maybe I just haven’t found the right piece. But seriously ALL I see is Ross in that darn bathroom hopping around… Awkward.

Soooooo, a nice alternative for the leather-phobes amongst us doesn’t have to be pleather. This cute skirt sent to me by Harlow Australia gives the look without the possibility of ending up going home covered in lotion and baby powder without your pants on… If you know what I mean {Ross!}.

The material is stretchy and comfortable to wear. Mine gave a little swish when I walked. The upside/downside is that Hubby wouldn’t quit touching my ass. Embarrassing really. But he’s right, of course, the feel of the skirt is really silky and supple. And I think it goes wonderfully with this chunky knit and some heels. I can also see me wearing it with my black knee-high riding boots when it gets colder. Mmmm snuggly.

plus size fashion winter outfit-7

plus size fashion winter outfit-4

plus size fashion winter outfit-6

Jumper – Valley Girl
Wet & Wild Scuba Skirt – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Shoes – Emerson for BigW


 Leather {even leather look}, it’s just a little bit sexy, right?


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