Β Celebrity Copycat week pushed me over the edge a bit. I tried and failed to get photos on more than one occasion. Things weren’t lining up. I was taking things a bit too literally. But when I can across this photo of Rachel Bilson online, I knew that I wanted to do an outfit inspired by this outfit. I really, REALLY wish I had a pair of hot pink, wide-leg pants. But alas, I don’t. I knew I had a white tee, blazer and some new statement sunnies. So I went from there. And this is the result.

I said to Hubby on our way back from getting the photos that I think this is a look I’d be happy to wear. Block colours, streamlined lines, casual and cool. It’s my new thing. I want to make my wardrobe work for that relaxed feel of Katherine Hepburn in days of old. Rachel Bilson, Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie are other ladies with laid back styles I love. I think the hair is taking over. I used to love to look polished all the time, and my hair would fight against that. So I’m embracing a whole new style.

And did you see!! I found black ‘suede’ wedges at KMart. FINALLY. Oh my goodness, I have been looking everywhere for a simple pair of wedges all year. Everything I found was too fussy or high or low or ugly. A simple black, high-heeled wedge can take you anywhere if you ask me. Work, parties, events, and even random stuff where you want the height or magical leg elongation thing. Anyway. Suffice to say that I’m pretty darn excited to have found them even if they ARE at least half a size too small.




Sunglasses – Domino Dollhouse

Necklace – Unknown {swapped}

Blazer – Autograph Fashion

Tee – Avella for BigW

Skirt – Autograph Fashion

Shoes – KMart

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