Blue, my friends, is one of my all time favourite colours. I love blue. I think it comes from having blue eyes and them being complemented so well by the shade. Or a younger brother who was just so darn cute I wanted to be him. Still is actually, when I think about it. Or it could just be I was always a bitย wilfulย when it came to such things and I probably decided somewhere along the line, boys colour my ass. So with that in mind I had a lot of choices to make. I even considered making this Smurf week on the blog and going all blue outfits, all week. But then I made a choice between navy and colbolt. I picked a favourite likeย choosingย a favourite child, and here we go…

AS you can see I chose COLBOLT. Well, if you’re going to blue you might as well go all out, right? I have plenty of navy choices. Some of them will be showing up in the coming week {or two}. I think you’ll love them. But now, back to this one. I threw on my green and blue Target wedges again as a last minute thing. It turns out it is probably one of my favourite parts of the outfit. This top from ASOS Curve came ages ago, I’ve been trying to work out what to wear it with. The sheer front panel and the loose fit were a bit of a challenge. I had a singlet to put under it but I’ve lost it somewhere. Next time.

It turns out that these photos took AGES to get because the light was being tricky and my face was too. Shadows and weird looks on my face and dipping light… It’s hard work this outfit photo stuff. But since pencil skirts with heels and a bun are my all time favourite look at the moment, I had lots of reasons to persevere. Even when the wind changed and my face got caught looking a little bit like THIS…

Necklace – Collette
Top – ASOS Curve
Tee – Avella for Big W
Skirt – Virtu {similar}
Shoes – Target {gifted}

{some brand associations exist, please see my disclosure policy}

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