The week of my birthday a little package all tied up with string arrived from Mel at Missmel. Inside were two beautiful dresses from the SWAK range that she stocks at her website. The one shown here, looking all kinds of wonderful with the diamond belt from TS14+ last year. The other was a black maxi dress that may change my life, just quietly. But that story is for another day, my friends.

This purple beauty is going to be a major player in my winter wardrobe. Can’t you imagine it with my tuxedo jacket, black opaque tights and booties? I can! The colour just screams Autumn/Winter and the addition of the sleeves makes it really versatile  which we all know is essential for my wardrobe or it just doesn’t stay.

But all that said and done, this week is about the belt. I like big belts and I cannot lie… {blame the Modern Family ad for that one}. This diamond belt is sturdy and beautiful and is almost like a mid-section corset. Seriously. It cinches like no ones business. I love that it lets the colours of the dress under peek through. AND it has a suede look to the fabric which tones down what could be a bit too much for me otherwise. Love!

And that’s about it, I think. I’m almost recovered from being sick. It certainly got me good this time around. I still have an attractive chesty cough that sounds delightful… But I’m up and about and finally getting some things ticked off my list. That’s a win. So far my thirties, not so hot. AT ALL. I never imagined there would be this much nasal leakage involved… Awkward. Moving on.

The end. Look at the photos, quick!

plus size SWAK dress with belt

plus size SWAK dress with belt-3

Dress – SWAK via Missmel {gifted}
Necklace – Unknown {gift from a friend}
Belt – TS14+
Shoes – Kmart


plus size SWAK dress with belt-2



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