I was reading that post above on the Seven Cherubs facebook wall about the old ‘What, don’t you have a TV’ comment that people toss around for those with large families {though some ladies with two children had been asked the same thing. What? That doesn’t even make sense}. It got me thinking of all the assumptions people make when you have been married for 8 years and haven’t had children. Which are particularly hard to swallow with grace when you’ve been trying for children for a good portion of that time.

I thought you might be interested in hearing them so you can cringe with me too;

  • Best you get on with that, you’re running out of time! Tick tock.
  • I don’t know WHY you wouldn’t want children, they are god’s gift to women!
  • You’ll be sorry if you don’t have any.
  • Are you worried about your career?
  • you need to stop being so selfish, your parents want grandchildren one day {thank goodness for Dean Boy}

But the trying to conceive ones are even worse!

  • You should just enjoy your husband {cough, you lot are guilty of this one} and forget about it.
  • You know you have a better chance of falling pregnant if you don’t plan it?
  • Enjoyed the process more, it’s the journey, not the destination
  • What, is Hubby shooting blanks?
  • You probably waited to long, how old ARE you?

So there you go, the old saying holds true. When you assume, you make an ass out of you and ME! Whether it’s about babies, marriage, weight loss, families, friends or pregnant belly humour. There are only two things you can safely assume that you’re never as funny or helpful as you think you are and that if people wanted your advice they’d ask you.

Now, Naomi, should I get rid of my TV, will that help? 😛

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