My Aunt made my dress. We looked at a number of bridal shops. I was telling some of the ladies at the blog meet up on Sunday about it. It reminded me I owed you this post! The first shop I walked into I was put in a size 26 strapless gown {hello, footballer – shoulders, boobs}. It fell from under the bust {otherwise known as the largest piece of me}. And it was split at the middle with dozens of layers of something resembling soft tulle{billowing to twice the size with movement!}.

I looked like the wedding marquee. Not the bride!

My faith was shaken but not shattered because of my Aunt. I knew she’d hook me up. So we started from scratch and drew up this dress. I wanted comfortable but bridey. I DIDN’T want white {great wall of white, we joked the whole time I was trying on dresses. Ick!}. I wanted a small train but low fuss, classic. I didn’t want to look back in 30 years and think, that is SOOOOO 2005.

And, I must say, I was SO over the moon with the result. The lace jacket especially was perfection. So. There you go. Below are some more wedding photos. For wedding fans, there was also THIS post. But because I just cannot bear to look at how desperately young we look {ok, HUBBY looks, I look pretty much the same!}, I’m out of here. Enjoy.

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