Now these red jeans and I are besties these days. They are comfortable and look great with anything. They’re just a winner. I took these photos after wearing them all day and even though they are a bit baggier than I like them to be, you can blame them after more than 4 hours sitting in them. I thought that this cute spotty top would work well with them but what I didn’t account for was the cute retro vibe it gave.

The cut of the top, the exposed gold zip up the back paired with the jeans and flats, well I felt like a chubby, curly haired, Audrey Hepburn to be honest. All sorts of effortless elegance and timelessness. It’s a bit magic how clothes can do that. Don’t you think? Do you ever play dress ups in the morning? I dress for my moods and find things that I love and create a look.

Cardigan – Mix Apparel

Top – Lily & Lou

Jeans – Virtu {gifted}

Sparkle Flats – Unknown {swapped}

{jeans gifted for editoral consideration, some brand associations apply, refer to my disclosure policy}

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