So in the interests of sharing my favourite work outfits with you guys, here is the latest. This peplum top, stripe skirt combo gets trotted out at least once a week. I add a blazer for my chilly office {hello a brisk 19 degrees all year round, ick} and I’m all set. The classic black and white combo is perfect for my office that has a fairly corporate dress code feel that I almost always fail to meet. Even with a hot pink blazer though, this always gets the nod from my boss.

Can I take a side note minute here and explain the photos. Again at the local racetrack, I met Hubby there on his way home from work to grab a couple of photos. You can sort of tell it wasn’t going well by the look on my face. I’m sort of scrunched up and cranky looking. Sorry about that. It really can be a bit tricky to convince him {and I} that getting some photos after work, when all he really wants is dinner and a sit down, is a good idea. Grumpy all round.

Now! Where was I? Oh yes, I wanted to say that a lot of people get worried about the stripes. Stripe pencil skirts in particular. Almost every time I do a post with a stripe skirt or dress someone find the need to tell me {Pinterest is the place for this at the moment} that they don’t think fat people should wear horizontal stripes. I’m all like, what the hell people, I look GREAT. Okay, so I’m not that brash about it, but you know what. Old school rules can suck it. Rock those stripes lady. Same goes for dots and patterns and floral and shiny metallic and sequins. Meh. Do what you want.

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-3

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-7

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-5

plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-6

Top – ASOS Curve
Skirt – Virtu {2012 – gifted}
Shoes – Evans


plus size stripe pencil skirt peplum outfit-4

What’s your big fashion rebellion?

  • You do look great! People who don’t have confidence with fashion fall back on those old rules and then share them around, apparently. The real truth is in the mirror. Lots of things don’t suit me and if I thought it was strangely and singularly stripes I would be dead wrong. The cut, the fit, the fabric – so many things can be wrong or right and the mirror reveals all. I agree with you, throw the rules out!

    • Thank you.

      Apparently indeed, I see it ALL the time. Especially on plus size designers and stores pages on fb. Gah. It does my head in. Wear what you want, I promise I won’t care. So PAHLEASE don’t tell me what to wear.

  • Tabbatha Sandoval

    You look absolutely fabulous! I absolutely love pencil skirts on any size. Love your blog, really inspires me to know that just because I’m fat does not mean I have to accept the potato sacks most clothing stores have in my size.

    • Thank you Tabbatha. Pencil skirts are all kinds of awesome. Thank you, I’m glad to inspire you to keep looking and find clothes you love.

  • Mel

    Fat people “shouldn’t” wear stripes? Perhaps the rule should be nasty people should tell others what to wear. Hurmph. I love a stripy pencil skirt…on anyone. Love them.

    • Thanks Mel. I agree, like I said to Princess below, I wish people would let me be and I’ll let them be. But I don’t care what they say, I’m going to wear them anyway! Haha.

  • I love this on you. I’m a lot bigger than you and would never do strips on the bottom but I have a few stiped tops and I where them loads. I’m with you, if you’re comfortable where it. Everyone else can suck it.

    • Haha. Everyone else can suck it indeed. I highly recommend the stripe pencil skirt, let the stripes take over EVERYTHING I say. 😉

  • Katy Potaty

    My big fashion rebellion is actually taking the outfit photos! Pretty much everyone in my ‘real’ life thinks that blogging, and by extension, most social media, are wastes of time for narcissistic show ponies. That’s kinda why I don’t have many outfit pics of me that aren’t selfies.
    My husband thinks I’m beautiful, and tells me all the time, but also thinks that it’s not really appropriate for me to feel proud of my body and prance and pose until I’m at my goal weight. (Which for years has been 10kg away, and I’m in no big hurry to change that unless a doctor tells me to.)
    My mum thinks that women who pose for ANY photos are doing themselves a disservice and not letting their ‘natural beauty’ shine through.
    My ‘real life’ friends don’t get blogging or social media (apart from boozy Facebook pics) at all, and just get shitty when I share good blogging news with them – like being asked to be a brand ambassodor, or winning some great product, or being invited to attend a launch.
    One day, I’ll get a decent tripod, camera and remote and start taking PROUD and CONFIDENT photos of myself and my outfits, but I can’t at the moment, because I’m exhausted just thinking about justifying a purchase like that to key people in my life. If only I could *win* a decent camera set-up and be done with it!

    • I’m having all sorts of feelings about this. It makes me sad and annoyed all at once. Like I said on Facebook, I’m sorry they get it. Especially since you seem really keen to get on board and join in.

      The main thing I HAVE to say is this… Not feeling proud of you body until it’s perfect is like not being proud of yourself until you’re perfect. That’s never going to happen and what a sad way to live your life. Being a failed perfect person. That’s not for me, no thank you. I don’t get that at all. I know you Hubby is a good man, from what I’ve heard, but I think he’s way off on that one.

      I agree with your Mum though. Even though there is an element of posing, most of the best photos taken for this blog are when I’ve let go, had a laugh or have just got on with it. The posing is just a necessary evil of what I do here.

      Get that setup if it’s what you want to do. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished with your blog. For me right now it’s a possible and highly probable career option, there’s nothing laughable about doing what you love every day. Nothing at all.

      Thanks for sharing lovely, I know you dug down deep for this one. I love that.

  • I want to say to those people ‘wth, she looks GREAT’, cause you do! The whole ‘you shouldn’t wear stripes’ thing has always frustrated me.

    • Thank you Nat.

      I thought Facebook pages were bad, Pinterest is THE WORST for it. Had a lady comment on a photo of another blogger I’d pinned in skinny jeans comment that ‘ewww, big chunky legs in skinny jeans is a major fashion faux pa’ and I was like DELETE, get off my pictures crazy. I’m pinning these images for inspiration, not for your old school rules to spew ick all over them. Noooo way.