Are you REDeeeeeey for this?
Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.
It just slipped out.
So moving on, right?


This week that Aussie Curves challenge was to get our red on. No problem I thought. I’ll just pair my red heels with some black and a red lip and be done with it. And then I thought I’d get creative and pair a new pair of hot pink shorts with the red heels and a necklace and call it clashing colour blocking. Then it turns out I picked up the wrong size shorts and they wouldn’t do up. Grrrr. So I ransacked my wardrobe and found this old favourite.

This top I picked up at MYER about three years ago. I love it bad and worn it on and off since. But I just never wore it any more. You know how it happens, new stuff comes in, you wear that on rotation over and over and the old stuff slips further and further back in the wardrobe. As soon as I saw it I knew what there was to do. Dark blue jeans, cream clutch and of course since this is a RED challenge red necklace and heels.

Hubby and I took a look at some other fashion blogs over the weekend and brushed up on our outfit post photo skills. When we get the opportunity to we plan on delivering post content that would be useful, detailed and offers clear and fun photos. Maybe one day we’ll get it to the point where the photos are something to oooo and ahhh over. This pretty bushland setting certainly helps with that. It’s a bit gorgeous, yes?

Top – Basque Women

Necklace – Autograph

Jeans – ASOS Curve

Clutch – Target

Heels – Woman by Morrissey for Big W

{some brand associations exist, please refer to my disclosure policy}

  • These shoes OMG I can’t believe they are from big w. I need them.

    • I know, right!? I got them in black and red as soon as I saw them. Such an easy addition to the wardrobe. LOVE.

  • Gorgeous!! I love the little pockets of the bust of the top, sooo cute. Love having men who are starting to get how important photos are 🙂

    • Thanks hun. A wee bit cute. I don’t think I can open them but wouldn’t that be fun storage of stuff. 😉
      They’re keepers our dudes. Full stop.

  • Jen

    I like the outfit, a lot! You look great.

  • You look great! A lot of fashion blogs I visit are just to look at the pretty photos. It’s true, a good photo sucks you in & keeps you coming back (even if you wouldn’t wear what they do). Although I’d wear this! I nearly wore jeans in my post. After telling me you don’t wear accessories, I see them creeping in. Gushes with excitement. I love me some accessories. x

    • Thank you. I was never going to wear jeans and then, hey presto I did. Ha.

      Yes, so right. Ahhh the pretty pictures.

      Haha. I’m trying, but I don’t have much of a collection. My sis is looking into stuff for me and we are growing it, but like all of this it takes time, right?

  • Simone- honeyandfizz

    Love the outfit. It’s the best when you rediscover an old favourite! xx

  • I love this! I love red with white and red with denim, love your clutch and your heels and well just all of it! They’re great photos! I’m going to have to keep trying with my own posing ha ha!

    • Thanks A! We did good, right? Getting there. might have to make him use a tripod though, he gets a bit shaky. Haha. I thought your pics were gorgeous. Keep ’em coming!

  • Cherie

    Loving the red, the rhyme, the story, the setting and your advice … yep downloaded Chrome and Taaaa Daaaaa here I am, a gazillion Thanks Suger. My Redness pics will be up tomorrow. xo

    • Thank you! And all excellent news. Taaa daaah indeed. You’ll find blog reading is heaven on Chrome. I look forward to your pics. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you with the linky. 😉

  • I love these piccys Suger! But just so you know, I always ooh and ahh over you xx

  • Was Kel throwing you lines while on the photoshoot, like you’re hot you know it, come on baby a little to the left a little to the right? Cos it looks like you’ve got the sultry miss down pat there in your first pic, was that on instruction to make love to the camera? Cos once again you’re lookinf fab, I love the outfit and I think that top should go back into rotation.

    • Haha. That was my OMG people are staring and this is getting awkward face, I think. Thought sultry is a much better thought for it.

      Thank you Trudie. I think she will. Especially with Spring just around the corner. Welcome back top!

  • Lovvvvvve those shoes!!!

  • You, skinny, sexxy lady need to buy some jeans jeans to show of your sexy body! *insert wolf whistle here*
    You look fabulous and I love this look for you!

    • Haha. I plan on trying on some of yours to get an idea for size and doing just that. Love the slim fit, stiletto jeans you were wearing in the photos with the pink blazer I love. Thank you Cait. xox

  • Love the shoes they are the perfect shade! <3

  • Rhonda – Silly Mummy

    I love the outfit. Can I ask, when you order from ASOS (which I’m yet to try) do the jeans sizes fit well or have you ever had to return them? Thanks xox

    • Thanks Rhonda. Be really careful with the size chart and read the description on fabric. Sometimes they are great, other times, it’s very hit and miss. But at least now there is a returns centre in Sydney rather than having to return to the UK! It used to be cheaper to ebay them and buy again. Good luck!

  • Red is my favourite colour. Gorgeous outfit – you are definitely rockin’ the red Suger.

  • Pwoah! You look amazing! I don’t know what it is, I think it’s the mix of jeans with the red heels, you look great! I love the photos, I miss having someone to take my photos, it’s nice to mix up backgrounds a bit.

    • Haha, thank you! It’s the jeans and red heels, I think, it’s a pretty special combo. And yes, I’m a bit spoilt with a dude that gets it, even if he does get bossy with his choice of shoe sometimes. 😉

  • That’s a great top 😀

  • falala mele

    Those are some serious heels! Too bad about the shorts but you look FAB anyways 🙂

    • Thank you! Some serious heels, right!? A bit fab.
      I’m still annoyed about those shorts.

  • Commonchaoschronicle

    Just love your style Melissa! Looks awesome 🙂