Morning Aussie Curves folks. So it’s pink week and it turns out that I have two pink blazers, this jumper and a pair fo heels. A decision had to be made. Then one night I was wearing my new favourite monochrome outfit when I decided that I needed a jumper because it was TOO cold to be in a sheer top with nothing over or under it. While looking through my knit basket I spotted this baby and pink week was born. My outfit certainly wasn’t monochrome anymore!

So was my little nod to the Cher license outfit from the Clueless movie. How great was her skirt? I know I lusted over a sheer shirt like that ALL the way through my teens! But for this reverse copy of that outfit all I needed some knee high stocks and patent Mary Jane’s and I’d be done.

I’m not sure about you but that movie makes me very happy to be a child of the nineties. Classic. I’ve been looking everywhere ever since for just the right red party dress, don’t tell me you haven’t been doing the same. I can totally understand why she didn’t want to ruin it by laying on the ground, hot red dresses are tricky to find!

But this week isn’t about red, it’s about pink. So I slicked on my pink lippie and a little extra blush and we were on our way. As much as I love a black and white combo {and I do love a black and white combo} sometimes a girl just needs a pop of colour to finish an outfit. Not always but sometimes.

How I wish I’d picked up multiples of this jumper and saved some back ups. It’s starting to show signs of wear {as cheap and cheerful clothes always do} and I’m going to miss it come next winter because I’m pretty sure she’s not going to make it.

Are we sick of car park shots yet? I know I am. Go away winter and take your 5pm sunset with you.

plus size clueless inspired outfit-9

plus size clueless inspired outfit-7

plus size clueless inspired outfit-2

plus size clueless inspired outfit-3

plus size clueless inspired outfit-11

plus size clueless inspired outfit-10

plus size clueless inspired outfit-8

plus size clueless inspired outfit-5

Let’s Run Shirt – 17 Sundays {gifted}
Jumper – ASOS Curve {2012}
Splatterday Night Ponte Pencil Skirt – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Heels – Emerson for Big W


plus size clueless inspired outfit-1



  • Jocelyn Brewer

    A great look… loving the skirt and detail on the shirt!

  • Martina Hart

    This shade of pink really suits you. AndI love the skirt and blouse.

  • Angela

    Great outfit! And those are killer heels.

  • KazzBang

    You look gorgeous! I think my favourite photo is the last one – big happy grin!
    I have that skirt and love it – great length for us tall girls 🙂

    • Thank you. We had so many photos this time, trying to get something a little more interesting photo wise. This laughing at my husband one is one of my favourites too.

      Indeed it is! I have this pulled up fairly high on my waist too. It’s below knee when I wear it lower which I can almost NEVER find.

  • I love how you’ve put this together! And those shoes are sex.

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I have to get that skirt. And the colour combination is one of my favourites although I’ve never tried it with clothes. Beautiful.

    • Apparently it’s a really limited edition, last of the fabric, so be quick. 😉
      Black, white, grey and pink are a killer combo, no matter where you put them. Thank you.

  • river

    The pink jumper really brightens up your outfit and your face too. It looks warm and snuggly too.

    • Thanks River! It is. Almsot worn to death though now. Lots of pilling and a bit shapeless but I still love it.

  • flashionaffair

    looking cosy sexy!!

  • Jane Tomlinson

    Smoked it!

  • That jumper is awesome! I love 3/4 sleeves.

  • Love this! Pink and black is my all time favourite colour combinations! xx

  • SpiikerKat

    that shade of pink is absolutely fabulous on you!! and omg, those heels are hot! I wish i could walk in such high heels LOL

    • Thaaaaaanks. The heels are great and thanks to the sturdy heel and platform, they’re pretty easy to work. Start with the chunky heel and work up. Or errr, down, to the skinnier ones. 😉

  • ZOMGOSH! I just kept looking at the shoes. i looovvveeee those shoes!

  • Sparkles and Lace

    Great outfit! I loooove the skirt and the shirt!

    • Thank you. They’re the best. I’m finding I wear them over and over again.

  • Really loving the way you’ve styled the jumper! I often find it hard to style mine because it’s just so bright!

    • Thank you Nat! I wear mine all the time with jeans or slim fit black pants. Over shirts or on it’s own. But it’s certainly bright, every time I wear it someone says ‘wow, that’s bright’. Haha.

  • Amara Sullivan

    I love everything about that whole outfit, I want it!!!!