This morning I was driving into town following along a driver with a number of environmental messages plastered over the back of their car. Messages about emissions, about being kind to our environment and about not using more than we need to. All messages that in a town like mine, with agriculture, dairy and beef industries at work is something farmer’s have known for years. Don’t believe me. Move to the country. So I curiously read them all, nodding at some.

Then it occurred to me that a giant ass PRADO is hardly a car that you would consider low on emissions. Or necessarily environmentally friendly. Especially when it came to around town errands. This car was speaking louder than those bumper stickers ever could. And those stickers said to me, YOU should use only what you need to. YOU should watch your emissions {I do, I drive a hybrid and live in a solar powered house, thank you very much}. YOU should care more. Me, the driver, not so much.

This large, petrol {yes I checked} sucking wagon may have been practical for country life, for reaching far off paddocks on the farm. But there wasn’t a speck of dust on it. Or mud in the mud guards. So I doubt that. And even if you REALLY needed a big 4WD as someone who is SO passionate about the environment that you plaster their car in stickers telling the world so, then buy the hybrid ones. Lexus does a great one. Put YOUR money where your mouth is. Or maybe you don’t even NEED that car? Maybe you could have purchased a smaller, more efficient town run around and left the ‘big’ car for when you need it for the jobs it was designed…. If at all.

I wouldn’t even care if you couldn’t AFFORD a more efficient car. We all do the best with what we have. But the PRADO is a fairly pricey vehicle, in the scheme of things. A little car, even an old one, would cost half, if not third of the ticket price on that baby. You could have 2.5 Prius’ I worked out. Or a ridiculous amount of push bikes, enough perhaps to give one to every kid in the small outer lying area schools AND keep some for yourself… Just saying.

These thoughts were all running through my head as we drove into the CBD. It confused my brain. And I know, more and more these large vehicles are becoming more efficient  more responsible, more everything. But the point is {you’re surprised, there IS one} is that if it matters to you, the environment and emissions and fossil fuel use, than this is not the car for you. Get a Prius, or a sexy CRZ {like mine, woot woo} or a small diesel vehicle. Ride a FREAKING BIKE. This type of do as I say not as I do stinks of all the things that are wrong with everything. Governments, parenting, sports stars! But that. My friends, is too big a rant for me to have today. Too big.

Because this is like anything, sometimes you just can’t hear what someone is saying because their actions are speaking louder than their words.

And can I just say as a bit of a P.S. I’m not whining about PRADO or wagons or 4WD owners. I know LOTS of them. This is not about the cars themselves. Or the ability to afford them or not. Or how SOME people drive them. This is about living with principles that YOU set for yourself. About calling others to account but not yourself. This is about your actions aligning with your words. Not about 4WD bashing.

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