Or so I say. So quite a few say on our Facebook page.

You see it started in quiet a few conversations when ‘they’ were saying that Miley Cyrus is too young to be engaged to Liam Hemsworth at 19. A lot of readers of this blog have shared their young love success. I was married at 22 after deciding to get engaged not much older than Miley. It’s turned out all right for me so far. I even wrote a few posts how I’m sure people thought I was crazy, and I’m pretty sure I was.

I think it comes down to the people. Their maturity and how hard they’re going to work at it. I often say that if Hubby and I hadn’t adapted to the changes the other made as we grew and changed, we wouldn’t be here. If we didn’t give each other the space to grow. The support to stretch ourselves. I don’t think we’d be here. Not together and possibly one of us {him} not at all. It would have been a fight to the death for freedom.

There are just as many stories of failure in young marriages as there are successes. Proven by my anecdotal evidence collecting, that is. Mine has been successful to date {and I keep saying that so I don’t jinx myself} because we refuse to give in or give up. I think our stubbornness is serving us well in our marriage, surprisingly. So is our tendency to not take things too seriously. To play and laugh. We are perfectly imperfect and it works. Maybe the same will be true for Miley and Liam? I hope so. Hollywood is a tough place to be married in, apparently.

So what say you, is there a ‘perfect’ age to get married?

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