I received an email today. It mention a comment on one of my instagram photos. It was one of me wearing the floral pants pictured above. The commenter said, I’d love to wear pants like that. And I responded with, it’s pretty easy, you just buy them and pull them on. A little bit cheeky, of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less. But true too. If you desperately want to wear floral pants, you should wear them.

Want to wear patterned pants?

Want to wear horizontal stripes?

Hot pink or lime green? 

A mini, maxi or midi skirt? 

Short shorts? 

All you need to do is buy them and put them on {buying them is important, we certainly don’t encourage shoplifting around here.}. All you really need to do is decide to wear something then wear it. I don’t know about you but I spent way too many years being dictated to by magazines, fashion rules and even the opinions of others. Now more than ever if I like it I wear it. No argument and without any concern for what other people think.

Most days.

So my words of encouragement for you, and for Megan who sent the email, is as simple as if you love it and want to wear it, wear it. Every time you do you get more confident in your style, happier as an expressed version of yourself and stronger. It’s a practice. A habit you get into that takes some reprogramming of the old ways of dressing.

So today I double dare you to dig into that wardrobe and pull out something you love but hardly ever wear and wear the heck out of that baby. Experience what it is express yourself through your clothes, through your own personal style! Uh oh, you don’t own anything you love? Well that just sucks. Best you sort that out sometime soon, do you think? What are you waiting for?

So Sugers, what say you? Challenge accepted? 

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