In relationships. At work. With friends. Maintaining relationships with family. Everywhere. You are responsible for your happy. As you you are the only one who can make you happy. You own the switch. The button. The lever. It’s all you. Liberating and exciting as that is. Which, in my opinion it is. It comes with a flip side called responsibility.
You see this ownership of your happy comes at a cost. And that cost is the ability to blame someone, anyone, else for you being unhappy. Every time, no excuses it all lies with you. Hmmm. Not as much fun. You see my favourite past time of all time was blaming Hubby for me not being happy.

It went a little like, it was him, his habits, the way he talked and those annoying habits. Of course I couldn’t be happy while he was being so god dam annoying. We were at the beginning of our relationship and I didn’t know it then but we were in trouble. And one day someone was talking and I was listening and they said;

Wherever you go, there you are.

I have since heard it applied to a number of things. But on this day, I heard, if I was unhappy with him, I would be unhappy with the next guy and the next guy and the next. That I was the problem. Or the source. That it was up to me to be happy. He couldn’t do it if he tried. And by gosh, he was trying. I had to be my own happy.

And all of a sudden, he wasn’t so annoying anymore. Ha! Double bonus. So tell me. Where in your life could you do with being your own happy?!

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