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I’ve never really had many friends. Sometimes it felt like I didn’t have any. It’s something that plays on your mind, I think, the why don’t I have more friends? Maybe I was a bad friend, lost touch or maybe they unearth my badly hidden secret that I’m a total goof ball… But let’s face it, that secret was totally out.

If you get really real about it, it rips your heart out. Not to have anyone to turn to, anyone close by, when things are hard. To sip a wine with. To shoot the breeze. That’s hard work. You really feel like you are out on your own in the world. No amount of family love and support makes up for that. I should know, I have a biiiiiiiig family.

Then I decided to host a blogger meet up. And hey presto I had friends. Friends who jumped from the internet pages. Friends who sent gifts and checked in on my like the best of friends do. They might not have been in my backyard {some where!} but they had my back. Thanks to them I stepped out of my comfort zone more and more. I introduced myself to and hung out with new people. I made some friends.

What a relief. I mean really. What a relief. To be able to laugh with someone. Cry. Whinge. Celebrate. All of that.

Thanks ladies. You know who you are. xo

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