There are a few brands of clothes that I talk about here a lot. Try and guess which ones I mean. Got them in mind? Well, they are Virtu {and via them TS14+}, Autograph, Moda for Target, Emerson & Avella for BigW and Mix Apparel for Coles. It’s not an accident, these are the places I shop for clothes. Toss in the occasional items from City Chic, ASOS and Crossroads and that’s about me done.

I use to shop for all my clothes at higher end retail type places. Then I ended up with three properties {all mortgaged}, a business, a husband and all sorts of boring responsibility type things. And all of a sudden even the sale racks at MYER and David Jones made me cringe. For me clothing receipts were compared to their percentage of a weekly {monthly even! eeek} payment on a mortgage and I just couldn’t justify it any more. And to honest, I don’t miss it. Sure, I might still grab the odd piece from Basque or Piper for Women but they no longer make up my entire wardrobe.

Which brings me back to my point, THE point. Today something pretty darn cool happened. It’s been in the works for a little while. There was submissions to make and i’s to dot. But I can now announce the I will be writing for the Mix Apparel lifestyle blog along with some other wonderful bloggers that you may know. SOME you might have even met. But I’m not going to tell you here, you’ll have to go over there and check them out for yourself.

So there you go. I’ll update you when a new post goes live over there so you can pop over and read it if you like. I really hope you do. I think it’ll be a great place to stretch my writing muscle, meet some new people and a chance to give away some more awesome products  that I personally use. Oh, and it’ll make me look good to the Mix people, don’t you think?

ps. If high end is your thing, no judgement here. When I have the cash flow, without having to sacrifice my lifestyle for it, I’ll be back. To some degree. 
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