I had some waiting to do yesterday. The waiting alone in an Ikea cafeteria type of waiting. I perched myself at one of only a few seats available and immediately wished I’d grabbed another bottle of water or at least a snack for my wait. But there was no way I was giving up my seat so I settled in. Settled in to find that my internet wasn’t working and with probably a half hour to kill I would have to entertain myself. Eeeek.  What is this! 1990 or something!?

My seat overlooked the inbound escalators. The path that leads up from the entry foyer and into the holy grail that is Ikea Logan. Walls of glass gave me a great view of the people slowly chugging their way to the top. And on a Sunday around lunchtime, well my bet is that you could see the whole world go past. I saw people of all shapes and sizes and states of dress. I saw hair colours I wanted to emulate immediately and love so subtly and affectionately displayed that I audibly sighed.

I saw families of every single kind. Big and small and all stages of growth. I saw bulging baby bellies and elderly parents escorted by grandchildren through the entrance to this maze. I overheard conversations and chuckled at how similar we are when it comes down to it. I heard ‘how the hell do I get out of this place’ at least 4 times, it probably would have been more if I spoke any of the numerous languages being utilised. There’s a look people get when they make that statement, did you know that. Frustrated, kind of excited and with a side order of awe and spend frenzy.

When my waiting time was done I felt fulfilled and reminded how wonderful and unique we all are {I also felt a little hungry; give meatballs or give me death!}. How similar too. Families love like families love. Young love looks like young love looks. Hangovers look the same too. Hands held, a reassuring hand on the small of your back, a quick light hand reaching to brush away a strand of hair all looks the same.

Same same but different every single one of us.

Happy Monday folks. xo

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