Yesterday at the shop I spoke to a man about my car. He asked me, as I waited for some fresh hot chips to cook, if it was mine. The good-looking car out the front. I said, well yes, I did. Pretty cool, right? He was an older man, maybe my Dad’s age. He was interested in finding out more about the fuel economy. The performance. His wife drives a Prius, he said. He was amazed by hybrid technology. We chatted. I love cars, he clearly did too. He went and ordered his food and came back to chat when my order was called. A medium serve of chips in a container with an open top. I held it in my hand as we finished the conversation.

Then he reached over and took a chip off the top.

He looked surprised. And a little awkward. I laughed. He was more surprised in his behaviour than I could ever be. So my mind didn’t even go to get cranky or ask him what he thought he was doing. Weirdo! He was already there himself. So I laughed some more. Deep belly chuckles. Errr, sorry about that, he said, too late to put it back now. Which indeed it was. And he popped it in his mouth and we parted ways. I drove home smiling, I’d had a nice chat and a great laugh. Day, officially made. Best trip to the shops ever.

People are just the biggest, most wonderful surprise sometimes.

Even when they pinch your chips. Don’t you think? 

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