This week I wore yellow on my nails. Seal as seen on “The Voice” type yellow, it seems. But I’d had the polish for ages, since last year in fact, and hadn’t used it. Yellow, I thought, it’s a bit much. Without even thinking the other night I started to layer it on. I love yellow, it’s one of my favourite colours, so I was happy.

Then a funny thing happened. People started commenting on my yellow Seal nails. People in the grocery store, the check out girls, the lady serving at the cafe near my work and even my colleagues. Now I’m not an idiot, but it hadn’t occurred to me until later that I did in fact have on a similar nail polish to Seal on “The Voice”.

Do I even have to say Seal on “The Voice” or do you all know who I am on about?

The strangest moment occurred yesterday. A middle aged man in tough guy sunnies and a business suit was standing at my counter waiting. For someone else, not me. Seal nails huh? He said as he indicated towards my hands. They look good. I just kind of stared at him. Mouth slightly open, head tilted to the left to better comprehend, I think. I finally nodded and said something along the lines of ‘haha, yes, apparently’. There was a long, slightly awkward {from my end} pause. Phones rang in the distance. I ignored them.


Mine’s a little more yellow, I blurted out lamely, his was more fluro.

Ah yes, said tough guy, middle aged with glasses. So it was.

Now, don’t you think that THIS was the oddest exchange of words one receptionist with yellow nails could have with a middle aged man in tough guy glasses who was wearing a business suit? Clearly “The Voice” has a wider reach and appeal than I first assumed. Or Seal does. I wonder which it is. Any ideas?

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