I love this outfit in theory. It’s so cool and screams party but there’s one thing that lets it down. One thing these photos hint at that I only discovered after wearing it for a bit… These pants are THE WORST. They look good for about a minute and then get all saggy and baggy and ick. Siiiigh. I hate that. Of all the things in the world I hate most, saggy baggy pants are up there.

Pain in my ASS. Seriously.

So I wore this killer outfit, we got photos and by the time we arrived at the dinner we were attending the pants were ridiculous. I felt awkward and uncomfortable and wished for ANY of my other pants to be there to replace them. The crazy part is they fit like a dream when I first tried them on, they looked fab in the mirror so I whipped off the tags. No deal. I should have worn them around my house to test them. I was blinded by two-tone awesome. Blinded I tell ya.

I just wanted two-tone pants so badly.

But you live, you learn and boy did I learn my lesson. I’ve put them into a bag for a friend and will sell them if she doesn’t want them. I think they could work on someone larger than me, who want sot squeeze in and wait for the give. Who knows. Maybe they are just crap at life pants. I’ll keep you posted on such things. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for me, I have a gaping hole in my wardrobe that NEEDS to be filled.

Sequin Bolero – Bellecurve at Target {gifted}
Dip Side Tank – Best & Less {old stock}
Pants – ASOS Curve {don’t buy them, horrid}
Shoes – Target Australia {ages ago!}


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