Last week… Was it last week? Geez time flies, Mr Suger {Hubby} and I went to the media preview screening of Thor – The Dark World. It was the first time our schedules matched a new release and we were able to go. We were excited and not overly sure what to expect. So we dressed for anything {I also took a jacket just in case} and set off.

In a fun side story, I’m pretty sure I nodded and smiled at a few radio personalities at the event. What!? I’m not some crazy radio stalker, I thought I knew them from somewhere and realised too late from where. Awkward. If any of them mentioned a weird, smiling, stalker girl on daytime radio that girl was ME. Just don’t tell them okay, it’s our little secret. Haha.

But you don’t care! This is about the OUTFIT. Instagram went a little nuts about this outfit. It turns out a number of you were sitting on the fence when it came to this t-shirt. It’s pretty fab really, good quality especially compared to the zebra shirt I picked up from ASOS a little while ago that was practically see through. I’m an Australian standard size 20/22 and I’m wearing the ASOS Curve AU24. And just quietly how fabulous does it look with the Harlow scuba skirt!? Pretty darn fabulous. Check it out!

So what did we think of the movie? Well it was a little hard to see through the haze of free popcorn and candy. Not to mention it was the first 3D movie I’ve been game enough to watch. My last experience with the genre was at Movie World on the Gold Coast when I was a kid. Short version is that it didn’t end well. It ended with spew. Gross.

But yes, the movie!

I liked it. I love the Avengers movies, give me Iron Man any day and I thought the last Thor was pretty decent as far as Marvel escapism goes. So this one was the same. Some great one liners, fun stuff and hot men. Sorry but if you were looking for a serious critical review, I’m not your girl. I’m not going to pick apart the plot or critic the acting. I feel grossly under qualified to do so. But my review is if you enjoyed others in the genre then you’ll enjoy this one too. I did!

Question Mark Tee – ASOS Curve
Wet & Wild Scuba Skirt – Harlow Australia {gifted}
Shoes – Evans Clothing
Sunglasses – BigW Australia 
Bag – KMart Australia 
Bracelet – Errr Diva, probably. 


So, any questions!? Baaahaha.


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