plus size torrid denim outfit

There is something effortless, simple and chic about a long-line shirt, jeans and ankle boots. Easy. Don’t you think? you can wear it to the shops just as easily as you can wear it to dinner. Just update your lippie. Late the other afternoon, after too long a day and much too little sleep, we decided that rather than cook we would go out for dinner. Tired and grumpy as all heck we left home with the intention of grabbing photos on our way.

We did it. Obviously. I’ve been such a fail of a blogger lately with posts coming thick and fast or not at all. Having to use the flash by 5pm in the afternoon is a bit of a downer too. But for your sake, and for the sake of being a blogger, I will try harder. Promise. I’ve been diving headfirst into my winter wardrobe and can’t wait to share some of the looks with you. Don’t get too excited though, it’s Queensland winter. HA.

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For this outfit I went to my go-to style when the weather is a wee bit cooler. Jeans {new ones from Torrid, my old jeans and I are having a falling out}, a button-up tunic which I must sew up these buttons and some ankle boots. Simple, classic and easy. I had my tartan plaid jacket that I pinched from my Mum in the car but forgot to throw it on for the photo. The print adds interest to this outfit with a pop of colour and pattern. I highly recommend it.

I ordered these ankle zip jeans in a shorter leg length to give them the cropped look I love without needing to cuff them. Well worth a try if you’re tall but want to recreate the same look. I have surprisingly short legs for my height, a long torso compensates, so I always buy a regular length as a rule. But like anything, experimenting with lengths, sizing and fits can give you a whole new look to an outfit you love to wear.

Jeans are great and if they fit well, and perhaps have a little give in them, you can wear it all day and all night. Not a jeans girl? Maybe give it one more shot for me. Try on a bunch of styles, something you’ve never tried before and see how you go. My sister isn’t a jeans fan but even she has conceded to give a pair or two a go this year and not just for the times she goes out to watch the footy. Haha.

plus size outfit with torrid denim jeans-3plus size outfit with torrid denim jeans-7

Button Up Tunic – Autograph Fashion {sold out online}
Ankle Zip Stiletto Skinny Jean – Torrid Fashion
Ankle Boots – Target Australia {sold out online}
Help Necklace – Target Australia {sold out online}

What’s your go-to throw it on outfit look like?

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