I picked up these jeans from Liv’s closet sale a while back. I’d eyed them off on the Torrid site, missed out on ordering my size and just settled into the idea that I was going to live a lifetime without them when hey presto there they were. I snapped them up quickly. Took a hundred years to pay her for them and come the weekend of the ProBlogger conference they were MINE!

Then I left them in my suitcase and forgot about them. Whoops.

Then I found them, washed them and hung them in my closet. Win.

Then it got really hot and I couldn’t wear them anyway. Darn it.

THEN it started storming every second night around here and all of a sudden it was crisp again. It was go time!

So I pulled them out over the weekend and gave them a whirl. They’re a little firm but they gave nicely to a great fit after a little while. I love how the Torrid denim moulds around you. Some of the jeans I have from there give a little too much and I end up with saggy knees, these babies didn’t. Online reviews say that is the proper denim jeans, much better than the jegging types {with the knee issues}.

I had planned to wear them with just the simple white tee, the heels and my necklace and in a last-minute touch of genius {if, I do say so myself. Ha. Awkward} I threw on this gorgeous pale green boyfriend blouse and left it unbuttoned. I’m really, really pleased with how it all came together. It also gave me a bit of coverage until the jeans gave a little for that whole belly overhanging the waistband thing.

Boyfriend Blouse – via Madison Plus Select
T-Shirt – Target Essentials
Floral Jeans – Torrid {sold out online}
Shoes – Target {a thousand years ago}
Necklace – UberKate {on my own chain – gifted via Ad Swap}


If this post had an alternate title it would pastel perfection or something. I’m loving these colours together. Loving the softness of the shades all bundled together. Even if Hubby DID say that it looked like I had rolled around on the road for a while and rubbed the print off the jeans… Pffft. That guy. He doesn’t get it. Lucky he’s cute. And is willing to take photos even when an old dude in a really expensive camper was watching us the entire time out of the corner of his eye. Creeper. Ah well, you get that on the big jobs. Haha.

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