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When Target sent out the themes for September’s post I knew long before I read the email that spring would be involved. Talk of spring is everywhere. From fashion shows to September editions of all the glossy magazines. Retailers are clearing out the shop and selling old stock making way for the new. There’s floral and print as far as the eye can see. And sunshine. You just can’t forget the sunshine. It’s exciting times folks.

I’m wearing a top from the new MODA collection. I’ve worn the top with jeans for a more casual feel and with a pencil skirt and heels for a going out vibe. Because we are all about getting multiple uses from our garments around here! I don’t want anything in my wardrobe that can’t be worn for a variety of reason in a variety of different ways. I don’t have the closet space nor the patience for that.

But that’s not everything in this post, oh no, I took a look through the new releases and have chosen my favourite denim and date night picks. You, my friends, will be all set for the upcoming season. Spring, after all, is all light and bright, sunshine and lollipops. It’s time to ditch the heaviness of winter clothes, food and weather and lighten up a bit.

Am I right, or am I right? Let’s get things started. 

Jeans weather comes and goes around here, even in spring. Sometimes it’s too hot to even consider a lightweight pair. But for evenings and those rare sunny but not hot days {I’m sure those down south see more of them than we do}, there is always a chance for cuffed, lightweight denim. Pair it with a floaty top, especially some light and bright floral and you’re set. The blue peep-toe flats I mentioned last month certainly bring the whole look together.

Another great option is the denim mini skirt or shorts. For me this year the more cut-off the better as I thrash out my inner teenager. But from what I see the Bermuda length short is everywhere and this is a great, comfortable, suits every one length. Slim fit, good coverage. Get those pins out ladies, ’tis the season. Keep an eye out also for capris in light washes and all the cool young things are wearing distressed denim so don’t be afraid to get a little rough with them. Haha.

My top spring 3 denim picks.

1. Lightweight Jeggings  2. Pull-On Shorts  3. Coloured Denim Shorts

Now I call this a date night outfit but that for me covers ladies night, first dates, married dates, time on your own where you want to dress up a little more. All of them! Adding a pencil skirt to this bright and cheerful top is an easy way to amp up the volume. Add some matchy-matchy heels and you’re all set. Other options here are slim fit coloured denim and the addition of a blazer to either outfit. I used to have this amazing royal blue blazer but I’ve lost it. I hate that.

I’m loving the colours in this top and think it would pair really well with other greens, aqua or white. Or go nuts and pair it with orange. It’s spring and even with all the monochrome on the runways, there is still plenty of room for colour. LOTS in fact. So layer it on, don’t forget a light cardigan or jacket for that night time chill and enjoy yourself. Spring is a bit like that. Fun, I mean.

My top 3 spring date night picks.

1. Floral Tunic  2. Patterned Peg Pants  3. Striped Top

And that my friends are my tips for adding a key piece to your existing wardrobe and updating your whole look for spring. Oh yes, and here’s the link for the top I’m wearing and this one is for the cute blue shoes, also from Target. Size up and it could absolutely work as a tunic. Sure you might get sick to death of seeing yourself in the same digital print top, but most people don’t even notice these things. Unless you have a blog then people get REALLY particular about looking out for repeats. Ha.

Take the time to clean out your wardrobe, store the knits that will be making the transition to next year with you and get a good idea of what you have before you hit the shops. You never know, the perfect item might already be in there.

If not, there’s always Target, right? Wink wink, nudge nudge. Over and out. 

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