It wasn’t long after I switched to an iPhone that I purchased my first Casetagram case. I have four. Unfortunately I now have a new phone and none of them fit. Sad face. But just as I was planning my Christmas/Birthday haul {some for me, some for the family, consider Christmas shopping done!} I received an email from the people at Casetagram who had noticed all the free shout out and plugs I had given them. Errr, I mean they thought I might be interested in a give-away.

Of course. I totally WAS.

So they gave me a code for a free case, one for me and one for you and here we are! There are LOTS of cool cases to buy if you’re not interested in having your own photos on your case. In fact the image for this post is a selection of some of my favourite {cough secret santa cough}. OR they have a specific holidays range {think Christmas} that you can festive up your phone with here (now Casetify).

I’m torn, for now I’ve just ordered my Mum one for her birthday in December. Go me. Annnnnd should you not win. You poor loser you. The folks at Casetagram have given me a 10% off code. Use  SUGER10 at the checkout. It will expire on December 25th. It’s not much, but like they say, it’s better than a kick in the junk. Teeth? Junk? Who knows. Anywaaaaays. Enter below to win your very OWN Casetagram case.

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