Around here we talk about style a fair bit. Especially on Fridays. Plus size, regular size, or goodness knows they keep shuffling you between sizes and you’re losing your mind. Fashion, clothing and developing your own personal style. I think it takes something to work out a style for yourself. I see teenagers with a unique style and I’m envious. Sure, maybe they’ll change their minds later. But even now, at almost 30 years old, I still feel like I’m missing my signature style move. There’s something missing in my expression. I’ll find it, I have no doubt. But for now, I’m envious.

I have a style. It’s classic pieces, built on a tight budget and focused on getting me to work without getting in trouble. It’s maxi skirts and tee’s, dresses and tunics with tights. It’s jackets and cardies, the lighter the better. It’s heels and ballet flats with the odd flip-flops thrown in. It’s rough and ready hair and make-up with lashings of mascara.

It came about because I decided to wear what suited me but still be up to date. Less Nana, more me. Slim silhouettes and a moderate hemlines. It came about because I wanted to be fashionable, comfortable and enjoy what I wear. It involves a whole heap of stripes. Some things I know for sure are the old rules don’t apply, that you need to try anything once and if it doesn’t fit now don’t buy it. Simple. To the point. And words I live by.

But what about you? Whether you’ve played along with Friends of Suger or not {not? Why not, email me to get involved, I have spaces!} I know you wear clothes. Well, I’m going to assume. So do you have a signature move? Do you have a style nutted out and locked in?

I want to hear about it.

And luckily, my friends at Virtu are offering a $100 gift voucher to dangle as a carrot to participate. So tell me, what’s your style? Do you have a signature move? {style wise, I don’t care if you can dance or pick up women, not today anyway} Virtu sizing fits a size 12-24 BUT if you can’t wear their sizes or are a generous soul, this would make a great gift for a friend or even your Mum? CoughMOTHERSDAYcough.

Please use the rafflecopter thingy below to go into the draw. The main answer is worth multiple entries and you can earn extra one’s by liking and following our page and Virtus. The competition closes 4th May at midnight and I’ll announce the winner the following Saturday.

Easy? Yup. Ready, gooooooo!

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