So this was bound to happen here sooner or later, given the massive love and affection I have for the movie Pitch Perfect, for Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy and for the script in general. Most people who saw it were pleasantly surprised, all singing, all dancing performance type geeks like me, LOVED IT. With a side order of humour, a love story, a coming of age tale and American college movie setting well, it was basically all the things I love in my chill out relax movie and more.

It was mostly because Fat Amy was just about the best fat character written, ever! None come to mind now but I’ll keep you posted. If you take a look online men and woman alike love her. The quotes are everywhere, Rebel’s gorgeous face in the most ridiculous of excellent facial expressions is with them. This character lives because she was just so darn GOOD. The character was just so darn good. It’s golden, I squealed a little when they told me Rebel was already in talks for a second.


Something that gets up my nose about the representation of fat people in media is that they are just faceless, nameless bodies being used as an example of bad health, head cropped or face blurred OR fat bodies are seen as a fetish, of sorts. I LOVE that Fat Amy was portrayed as being appealing but not overly sexualised. It was REALLY nice to see a fat woman being cute, sexy and cool without being covered in cupcakes or cream. Or you know, rolling about in piles of food smearing it over themselves like some sort of fetish moment.

I loved Fat Amy because she was funny, warm and friendly. That line about ‘just wanting to hang out with a bunch of cool chicks’ is perfect. That’s who she is. A girl loving life, making friends, doing stuff. A self aware AND beautiful girl with great freaking hair. She dressed well with young and funky outfits. No hiding there. It was great to see a fat woman who wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of her body. Man I loved that. There she was, just being her, living a healthy, happy, active life.

You know, like a normal person…

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