Weird title right? There’s probably any number of reasons YOU don’t want to be Miley but for me, it comes down to one thing. Twitter. I mean I’d glad take over that spunky Hubby to be of hers, love those Hemsworth boys. I WISH i was brave enough to rock the freaking adorable hair cut. And mostly, imagine the opportunity to do what a love with your life since, I don’t know, forever. On paper, it seemed pretty charmed, right? Well, it sounds good to me. So why is it Twitter’s fault that I give up this most fortunate of life swaps? Weeell. I was on twitter this morning, I saw a tweet from Ms Cyrus herself it looks a little like this;

Miley Cyrus 001

So obviously there is something going on that I missed. Clearly someone is implying something was said that wasn’t. Very vague tweet’ness. But meh, whatever. I clicked on it to see if there were any other references. I do love the gossip mags being called out for their bullshit thing. But nothing. Instead I was met with a whole raft of sledges and then two faced defences aimed at Miley. I was like, errr, what? I don’t get that. There was one that said ‘Shut Up and release your new single already’… I thought  that’s a little weird. Cranky fan? Cranky NUMBER 1 fan? The worse of these comments have been deleted since this morning. There was a lot of slut being bandied around, lots more hoes and some questions on talent. These are some I managed to screen grab.

Miley Cyrus 002

What a surreal world to live in. Yesterday I tweeted about rain. Imagine if the responses to that were slot, hoe and marry me?? As a user of the interwebs I consider myself pretty tough. I have had what I always considered to be my fair share of trolls and cranky fans. But ti turns out what I considered my fair share was less than nothing. Less than the particles resting on the nothing. The very nothingness of nothing. I imagine waking up in the morning and  instead of being greeted by lovely supportive comments online from family and friends  you get this instead. SLUT. WHOOOOORE. BOOOOOO. YOU SUCK. I’m not sure what I would do. Most of us, I assert, wouldn’t know what to do. We’d probably cry and delete our account.

I would, I think.

It’s a tough world out there on the interwebs. More and more people claim that they didn’t think of it that way, they didn’t consider the human behind the twitter handle. They just didn’t know that their actions had consequences  Some, know and enjoy them. It sued to be that if you wanted to get into a celebrities life you had to get a bit stalky. You had to put yourself out a little. These days you can sit on your phone or at your computer and stalk and bully until your heart is content {which I wager it never will be}. You could even bully multiple celebs at a time! You could hate on ALL the Disney crew at once if you wanted. Lucky you.

I don’t understand it, I hope I never do.

I don’t know how we stop it happening.

I don’t know how people subjected to it manage.

But I know one thing,

THAT is why I don’t want to be Miley Cyrus.

Who don’t you want to be? 

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