There is more to life than being sexy. Obviously, but sometimes, for yourself, it’s a great thing to feel, and when it comes to being sexy, there is nothing sexier than someone exuding confidence. Confidence is sexy. Take or leave the rest of the advice the world offers if you feel good within yourself, rocking your unique style and talents; nothing can be better than that. That’s why confidence is sexy.

No matter how you dress, where you are, who you are with confidence is sexy. If you’re not feeling it, then there’s only one person you need to look towards to fix that. You. No one else is in charge of how you feel and I kind of hate the idea that someone has to FIND you sexy for you to be sexy {gosh, could I say sexy any more times? Probably not. This one is going to be an interesting one search engine wise. Eeeek}. I think that you being sexy is all about you and how you feel about you.


When you need a boost I have a few confidence tips;


  1. Take care of yourself. Nothing makes me feel better than a workout, eating well and taking the time to manage my hair. If you’re well inside it’ll show on the outside, but you’ll feel great most of all. And feeling great is the perfect place to feel sexy.
  2. Invest in yourself. It might be spending money on your education, your wardrobe, or doing something to develop your skills, but my advice is to invest in yourself if you’re looking for a boost in confidence. It comes back to that old quote I love, in the absence of value people argue cost and you’re worth it, right?
  3. Take time to be on your own. I find time on my own great to collect my strength, find my joy, and listen to all the things I know I want that get crowded out by the noise. Take some time to be with you. Take some time to take stock and review. Go slow for a moment to go fast later.
  4. Do it for yourself. Sure you want to be sexy and confident and brave and powerful and all that jazz. But WHHHHHYYYYY? I vote that you do it for yourself—just you, only you and forever for you. Confidence, the type I’m talking about, is about self. Yourself. So do it for yourself and no one else then it will be worth it.
  5. And last but not least, if none of that works {gasp!}… Strip off to your underwear, pull the blinds if you must, and shake what your mother gave you. Dance, wiggle, shake and dance your butt off. Enjoy yourself. If you don’t feel confident, sexy and totally nuts after doing this, you’re just not doing it right. Haha.


Have a great weekend folks! Shake it.

Remember, it’s all about you. YOU. Only you.


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