I’m on internet penalty overtime. I think hubby went a little overboard with the whole downloading of apps thing. Well, I’m blaming him, but it might have to do with the movie or two that I may have, possibly downloaded. So anyway, while I’m on penalty overtime I was doing a few things for the background of the blog. I re-did my media kit, sent off some emails and listed some items for sale in on eBay. I got busy.

It reminded me that sometime it’s necessary to go offline to get things done, to find new inspiration. Or to get your head together and move past something that has been holding you back. This blog has consistently grown in the past few months by thousands and thousands of views a month. I don’t say that to brag but to remind me {and maybe you} that all things are possible with work. That work isn’t a dirty word.

I’m ok with having to dig deep and work. I’m ok with my results coming when the time is right. Now. After my post the other night the things I am working towards are seem closer than ever. Or maybe they aren’t. But now, I’m ok with doing what needs to be done. And the time it may take however long that may be.

I just wanted to check in, let you guys know I was ok. Let you know I’ll be back tomorrow with the assistance of some free WiFi. And that I appreciate your support, as always. You really do make this blog something special.

Wooo Friday!

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