I hear it all the time. I’ll do that Suger when I lose some weight when my kids are better behaved when my husband pulls his weight around the house. The not now reasons. The not now excuses. I want you to be happy now. I want you to know that I don’t want you to wait for anything to be comfortable, enjoy your life and do what you want.

Please stop doing that.

My friend had worked hard her entire life; I’d know her for twenty years of it. She planned to work less, travel more in her retirement years; she planned to do a lot with those years. When the time came, she would forgive more, give generously, love with greater warmth and generosity. Because this woman wanted a lot out of life, and she expected a lot from people, a demanding grandmother figure I didn’t want. But I loved her anyway. And when she passed away she did so with a quiet word about life being lonely sometimes and short, so very very short.

And doesn’t that sum it up?

So stop waiting for a perfect body, an ideal partner, a perfect child or a perfect day full of perfectly temperate sunshine and perfect people behaving perfectly to go out there and live life how you want to live it. Enjoy the life you have now. Enjoy yourself now. Stop waiting for a day that may not ever come. It might be morbid, but I hope it will inspire you to step out there and do something. Don’t do it for me; do it for you. Excuses are sucking the life out of your life. Now’s your chance. Go for it.

And that’s all I want to say about that.

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