Oh heeey team. Where to Buy is back with plus size winter coats. By request obviously, because this past weekend I was in a pool. Hello, Queensland you beauty you. BUT some of the ladies are looking for their winter coats and would love a selection to choose from. Always ready to take one for the team, I did the online shopping for you and came up with a shopping board.

I know, I know, you’re welcome.

Some of the winter coats will get you started now and others are going to serve you more through the actual winter in the places where you need legit warmth. That said, we are online shopping here so I can’t vouch for the weight of them all. But they’re good-looking, so worth a try. Haha.

For me, it’s all about the draped jacket, the oversized and the potential to layer under this year. I’ve incorporated some that are more of a structured style for the ladies looking for chic classic alternatives to my usual look. The moto jackets are great for this too. Edgy but classic enough to pair with a blouse and jeans. Any questions on how to work any of these babies into your wardrobe, I’m happy to help, leave a comment and we’ll talk it over.

Ready? Let’s get shopping for Plus Size Winter Coats!

where to buy plus size winter coats - suger coat it - australia

1. Duster Coat

2. Rib Trim Utlity Jacket

3. Luxe Blush Boyfriend Coat (only avail. to size 20)

4. Waterfall Parka

5. Mesh Insert Jacket

6. Vinyl Weave Trench Coat

7. Desert Dream Trench Coat

8. Biker Jacket

There’s this gorgeous oversized white coat at ASOS that just disappeared in the collage. Check it out here.

So these coats and jackets are from major retailers, if you’ve got a great smaller brand or boutique that sells online that you source your winter gear from, I’d LOVE you forever if you link to them in the comments. Let’s make this a resource, shall we? And as always, if you pin, please consider pinning either of the images to your plus size fashion boards. Thanks team!

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