Everyone knows I’m Team Stripes, like 150% Team Stripes. I love them, I wear them, I encourage others to wear them whenever they can. So when I was throwing around topics for a Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing post, I thought, shoot, that’s obvious


Welcome to a post that is close to my heart. My stripe covered, brimming over with fashion-loving goodness heart. A post for those plus-size women who would like to buy some clothing with stripes on it. Striped clothing, for plus size women. That stuff. Shopping that is all stripes, all the time.

Are you that woman?

where to buy plus size stripes - Suger Coat It

You’ve heard the old story, yeah? Fat girls shouldn’t hear stripes. ALL girls should avoid horizontal stripes for fear of appearing larger. Well, first I have something to say about that, I made a diagram and everything. Read that if you have concerns. And second, who cares? They are not the boss of me, and they certainly aren’t the boss of you! Do what you want.

For me, there’s nothing more classic or chic than a simple stripe tee paired with just about anything. Throw on a simple t-shirt dress with stripes, some flats, a wide brim hat and consider yourself chic. There are lots of ways to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe so whether you’re new to this or a long time convert, I’ve got your back.

But this wouldn’t be a Where to Buy Plus Size Clothing post if I didn’t have some killer links coming your way. I did some online shopping. As I do. And I put together some great additions to your striped wardrobe. So get your butt firmly on Team Stripes, we’ve been waiting for you. Haha.

Steal Her Style Plus Size Stripes Shopping Board

1. Stripe Culottes Jumpsuit 2. Varsity Stripe Tee 3. Lace Up Stripe Top

4. Relaxed Stripe Dress 5. Bubble Hem Tank 6. Swing Dress

7. Cocoon Top 8. Basic Stripe Tank 9. Split Side Maxi Shirtdress



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